Largest Steber vessel under construction

Largest Steber vessel under construction

Steber International has embarked on its most ambitious project to date – an 18.5m (61ft) fisheries

research vessel for the Government of Mauritius.

This is the largest vessel yet constructed by the Taree-based fibreglass boat manufacturer. So large

in fact, with the fully enclosed flybridge, that the project will need to be finished on the water due to

it’s size impacting on factory and transport configurations.

The build has just reached a major milestone with the hull being released from the mould, allowing

for further fitout to continue.

General Manager, Alan Steber said: “It’s the first of the Steber/Westcoasters to be built and the

largest vessel Steber International have built in the company’s 72 year history”.

“This is a breakthrough contract for commercial boat construction in Australia. It’s the first Steber/

Westcoaster to be exported although we have previously built two vessels for the Mauritius


“Several years ago we purchased the Westcoaster 53-58 ft and 58-65ft moulds, traditional cray

fishing boats, that were originally built by Western Australia and South Australian interests”.

The fisheries research vessel, with a length of 18.5m and beam of 5.4m will be powered by a single

500hp Yanmar diesel, producing a top speed of 13 knots. Build time is 18 months, allowing their

government to spread funds over two financial years.

The vessel’s have me port will be Port Louis, Mauritius.

Features will include:

. Large fuel and water tanks to allow the vessel to spend up to 30 days at sea in remote locations

carrying out scientific studies

. Fully enclosed flybridge with window assemblies (not rollup clears)

. Davits, booms, cockpit canopies, longline winch and branch line coilers

. Fully insulated fish room approx. eight cubic metres, and ice maker

. Air conditioned science laboratory with independent freezers

. Classroom facility for training students and upgrading skills of existing commercial fishermen

Steber International have been building commercial boats since the mid-1970s covering cray

fishing, tuna, trap and drop lines as well as charter and government vessels.

Currently Steber are building five 38ft support vessels for the Royal Australian Navy, to be

delivered over the next two years.

“We have built over 50 export vessels to date”, Mr Steber said, “and we are currently delivering a

52ftr to the Seychelles, the fourth vessel for this client”.

“The Westcoaster design had to be upgraded to the new NSCV (National Standards for Commercial

Vessels) controlled by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

“Following this upgrade, extensions to our marine engineering department currently underway and

staff recruitment, we are now seeking expressions of interest in the Steber commercial range, up to

65ft, as always custom built to client specifications”, Mr Steber concluded.

MAIN PHOTO: Steber International staff are dwarfed by the huge fibreglass hull after its release from the



General Manager, Alan Steber leads an inspection of the hull with Director of Shipping,

Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping for the Republic of

Mauritius, Alain Donat and Australian Marine Safety Authority accredited ship’s surveyor, Steve


Founders, Bruce and Beryl Steber proudly pose for this photo. The couple have been married for over 67 years and the business was established over 72 years ago – truly lasting relationships.