New Steber rescue vessel for Port Stephens

New Steber rescue vessel for Port Stephens

Marine Rescue Port Stephens will take delivery of their new Steber-built rescue vessel in April next year.

Unit Commander, Tony O’Donnell,  said: “This vessel will replace the ageing Danial Thain (pictured above) which has given sterling service to the boating community since being donated to the Port Stephens unit in 1999.

“Danial Thain has been involved in many hundreds of rescues since it came into service.” said Mr O’Donnell.

The Port Stephens community will see the Danial Thain around for several months after delivery as the 20 strong volunteer boat crew trains and converts to operating to the same very high standards that characterise the Safety of Life at Sea missions of the Port Stephens unit.

The Danial Thain will be offered for sale with proceeds being contributed to the acquisition and upkeep of the new vessel.

The 11.3 metre Steber is already proven in service by other Marine Rescue units along the NSW coast as well as water police and other rescue and government organisations around the country.

Vessel specifications and outfitting have been set to meet Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV), State Rescue Board (SRB), Roads and Maritime NSW (RMS) and endorsed Marine Rescue NSW (MRNSW) requirements.

The new vessel will be powered by two 420 hp Yanmar Diesel engines delivering a top speed of 29 knots and an economical cruising speed in excess of 20 knots.

On board will be state of the art electronics for navigation and Search and Rescue operations. This equipment includes FLIR thermal imaging night vision camera, radar, radio direction finders and the latest multi-purpose display screens.

Importantly, this vessel will be equipped with a fly bridge which is a proven asset when searching for people in the water and for small boats. “Our experience shows that the inclusion of a fly bridge greatly improves our search capability.” said Mr O’Donnell.

The new offshore vessel will join Codi-K II in the Port Stephens fleet giving the Port Stephens Unit, vessels capable of handling the broad range of varying rescue assignments presented every year. These operations are provided at no charge to those assisted although all are asked to make a voluntary donation.

The new rescue vessel, costing $800,000 (including commissioning), has been partly funded by contributions from NSW Government Boat licence and registration levies to Marine Rescue NSW with a significant funding needed to be raised locally. Marine Rescue Port Stephens relies on generous donations from the community and other fund raising efforts including donations through collection boxes and purchases from the radio base gift shop.


Above: The Danial Thain, about of be replaced after nearly 17 years service to Marine Rescue Port Stephens.

Below: Artist’s impression of the new vessel featuring the updated flybridge configuration.

Steber 38 with fly bridge