SSS (Steber Solar Sailor) Bluebottle update

SSS (Steber Solar Sailor) Bluebottle update

The remote surveillance vessel, SSS Bluebottle has just completed its latest series of sea trials –  testing its three forms of power – wave, solar and wind in Jervis Bay and Sydney Harbour.

In addition the British Government sent out a large transducer for testing. This was bolted to the Bluebottle’s keel and it successfully located a downed warplane in the harbour.

Following the success of this hydrographic survey, which included sending images back to base, the British Government has requested further trials in heavy sea conditions.

Three additional scale models of the six metre Bluebottle version will be constructed to allow for further tank testing relating to its defence capabilities.

The SSS Bluebottle will be on display at the Pacific 2015 Defence Conference in Sydney October 6-8.