Steber refits continue to grow in demand

Steber refits continue to grow in demand

The refit business continues it’s rapid growth trend at Steber International, for both Steber and non-Steber built vessels.

“And the pace quickens as the summer boating season approaches”, says general manager, Alan Steber.

“Just today we witnessed the departure of a Fairway 36 cruiser and the arrival of a Steber 37 fishing vessel.

“The Fairway refit involved new bow thrusters, removal of osmosis and a myriad of small upgrades.

The vessel is being delivered by road back to it’s Victorian owner.
“The Steber 37 arrived from Port Macquarie and after 10 years service as an off-shore fishing vessel, will undergo a general refit and upgrade of equipment and electronics”, Mr Steber said.

A number of smaller refits and upgrades, from surf skis, to runabouts and right up to the larger vessels are regularly “processed” through Steber’s Taree factory.

Generally, refits can be as large as a complete re-build, re-spray, re-power, re-wire and new furnishings and electronics, or as simple as a cut and polish and new interior decor.

Bow thrusters are becoming more popular and almost a necessity for tight marinas.

A good performing hull with Steber “makeover” adds years of boating enjoyment to your favourite maritime vessel.

PHOTO: Passing parade – the Fairway 36 being readied for it’s road trip to Victoria, while in the background the Steber 37 awaits it’s refit to get underway.