Archive | December, 2012

Steber 3800 Twin Cab

The new model Steber 3800 twin cab has headed off to Coffs Harbour with English Charters Pty Ltd

Steber 38 heading for it’s not home at Marine Rescue Ulladulla

UL30, a Steber 38 large cabin commercial ute has headed to it’s new home with NSW Marine Rescue Ulladulla.  Powered by twin 380HP Yanmar diesel engines this vessel gives a high performance of 30 knots top speed (fully loaded).  A truly efficient rescue vessel that should serve the Ulladulla division very well for many years […]

Merry Christmas from all at Steber International

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and that we are at Steber International.  It’s holiday time for us and we will be having a well earned rest from 21st December, 2012  returning on 14th January, 2013.  As there is no rest for the wicked Alan has been voted the one to take any urgent enquiries […]