Commercial Boats


Steber International is a renowned manufacturer of quality robust commercial motor vessels, ranging in size from 8.5 mtr (28') to 15.8 mtr (52'), for charter, commercial fishing, patrol, shark meshing, sea rescue, surveillance etc., and recreational use. All boats are individually made to fit their purpose, with a quality of manufacture that ensures a long service life and retain resale value.

Commercial Boats

Steber 38 SLR

Sleek new design with enhanced aesthetics features a larger cabin and cockpit area allowing more crew to travel in more comfort for extended periods at sea. Read More >>

Steber 34 38 Patrol

A good all-rounder, strong & seaworthy. Excellent performer in rough conditions. Unique bridge deck gives 360º all-round vision. Read More >>

Steber 52 Commercial

The 52 Steber Commercial range with robust construction and award winning hull design.This vessel is a true thoroughbred of commercial vessels with exceptional performance and is unique with low speed low wash capabilities and yet powers onto plane with minimal effort, to display superior top end performance. Read More >>

Steber 48 Commercial

A larger sister to the 43' Commercial, is a stylish, dry boat with exceptional sea keeping capabilities. It is the vessel of choice for commercial and service applications where speed, carrying capacity and performance in varying weather conditions are paramount. Read More >>

Steber 43 Commercial

A most sought after commercial vessel with its wide beam and soft riding capabilities. Used by the Defence Force and Government Departments, this vessel will work hard and handle extremely well in varying sea conditions whilst maximising comfort. Read More >>

Steber 38 Commercial Utility

First rate performance and exceptional seaworthiness for roles such as coastal research, hydrographic survey, rescue, surveillance, security, dive, charter and game fishing etc. The large wheelhouse/saloon enables an endless choice of “creature” comforts, equipment and electronics to suit. Read More >>

Steber 38 Commercial

A larger sister to the 34' Commercial, is an exceptionally high performance, seagoing vessel, with capabilities tested and proven by Government Departments such as Fisheries, Shark Meshing, Charter and Dive operators. Read More >>

Steber 34 Commercial

Proven by Police, Rescue and Commercial Operators, this high speed planing hull corners well, and handles difficult sea conditions admirably. Read More >>

Steber 28 Commercial

This smart vessel from the Steber range which is ideally suited for day use or short term overnight stays. Read More >>