Recreational Boats

At Steber International the emphasis is “customer focussed”. Our Recreational boats enjoy one of the best service records in the industry and continue to validate our reputation for unrelenting commitment to quality and contemporary designs, enhancng both safety and longevity of your boating investment.

Quality inclusions and detailing offer you the pleasure of customizing your individual preferences and requirements.

Recreational Boats

Steber/Precision 65 Luxury Motor Cruiser

The Steber/Precision 58/65 is one of Australia's most respected game fishing sports cruisers.  This precision, quality vessel is customised to suit the owner's needs and has had an excellent reputation over the last 10 years.  Construction, engineering and electrical are to survey standards and can be offered for recreational or commercial use.  This proven hull design will soon have a commercial superstructure for a range of activities such as Police, Customs, Fisheries, Rescue, charter, diving and tourism Read More >>

Steber 5200 Luxury Motor Cruiser

The Steber 5200 is an exercise in excellence, unquestionably an executive style cruiser - a showcase of luxury with a touch of elegance and boardroom comforts, first rate performance and exceptional seaworthiness. Read More >>

Steber 4800 Sports Motor Cruiser

A sound investment which optimises the very best in sea craft, a unique combination of international luxury and Australian authenticity will be synonymous with your pursuit for perfection. Read More >>

Steber 4380 Luxury Motor Cruiser

The caliber of this cruiser will attract the attention of those seeking a superior quality vessel. Emphasis is on design excellence, the classic blend of age old tradition, contemporary boating concepts and space age technology. Read More >>

Steber 3800 Twin Cabin Family Cruiser

Same proven hull as the 38 Commercial models and 3800 Sports Fisher, with the same excellent performance and all round vision. Twin cabins and spacious interior cater for families, visitors and extended fishing trips. Read More >>

Steber 3800 Sports Fisher

The Anniversary Model 3800 is a fantastic sea going boat with excellent handling features such as: high speed level planing, excellent cornering, dry soft riding and with good all-round vision and spacious cockpit. Read More >>

Steber 3400 Super Sedan

Refreshingly spacious, offering conveniences unusual in this type of boat. Suited to a variety of on-the-water activities, with a seemingly endless list of inclusions, ensuring many years of enjoyable boating needs. Read More >>

Steber 2800 Super Sedan

The 28 is a very versatile vessel, which will fulfill the needs of any serious recreational boater as well as the demanding needs of a light duty commercial fisher needs. Read More >>