Steber International are able to provide a range of professional services to the marine & composite industry, with an Independent Naval Architect and Surveyor available for technical back-up and survey inspections.

Our company offers a diverse range of services, including Marine Insurance through Club Marine.
Staff are experienced in various facets of the marine industry and F.R.P. composites including, but not limited to,

Stability Testing

A critical element to whether a boat can be placed in to commercial survey stability testing is often difficult to measure correctly within parameters set by marine authorities.

As Steber International boats are all built to survey standards we have vast experience with survey testing and whether your vessel is a Steber or another brand we have the experience and equipment on site (or on water) to complete all requisite testing.

Damage & Repair Assessment

Steber International can provide a full itemized break down of repairs needed and estimate of cost.

CAD design

Steber International’s technical staff utilise 2D and 3D computer aided drafting software extensively throughout both the design and manufacturing stages of product development. 2D Autocad drafting software is used for the creation of drawings for both internal production and external supplier communication. 3D Rhino and Inventor models are used for visual and spatial analysis of potential new models, evaluation of proposed modifications to existing models, as well as the creation of rendered images for design evaluation and marketing purposes. Models and drawings can also be uploaded to an in house 3-D Router for machining of components for production and prototype items for development purposes.

Impact testing / laminate testing

We have testing facilities to simulate various impacts, this can be used for assisting in laminate developing and design before going to manufacture. Steber can provide full meta approved mechanical testing including Ash (glass) content, laminate schedule, tensile properties, flexural properties and barcal hardness.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Steber International has the latest non destructive ultrasonic testing machine, accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter for FRP laminates. If you are looking to assess FRP, GRP, Fibreglass and Composite Hulls for survey or verification Steber International can visit your vessel or slipway Australia wide.

Engineering / shaft / propeller / stern gear calculations

At Steber International we calculate the optimum ratios for shafts and propellers and all stern gear to assist with your survey application or to achieve higher levels of performance for your boat.

On water operations training & instructions

With a team of experienced operators, crews and engineers as well as descriptive operations manuals, Steber International can offer personal training to all boat owners including non Steber boat owners, Government Authorities and the like. The training is not accredited but is hands-on and practical.

Naval Architect services

With contract Naval Architects on hand with our 35 years experience in both recreational and commercial craft, Steber International can assist you with most of your boating needs. Whether you are looking for advice on re powering, new fuel tanks or performing stability testing for survey Steber International has the technical skill in house and access to the latest CAD technology.

Pre-purchase survey reports

Qualified contract Surveyors can be arranged to inspect for pre-purchase and issue a report. A quotation and fee for service is available. Sufficient notice may be required to search for documents and prior approvals before conducting the survey

General survey reports

General Survey reports on seaworthiness, 50 point safety check etc. can be carried out within a 100 km radius of the Stebercraft factory. Independent surveyors can also be arranged.

The team at Steber International would be more than pleased to answer any queries you may have in regard to our professional services.