Steber International scooped the pool at 2024 Australian Marine Industry Awards staged in conjunction with the Annual Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

The Taree (NSW) boat builder won two of the major awards:

Marine Industry Innovation of the Year

Commercial Marine Project, Design or Manufacturer of the Year

The Innovation of the Year Award recognized the development of a 43ft Steber electric hybrid boat, which was also on display at the show.

The project is a collaborative effort between Steber International, Ampcontrol and the University of Newcastle.

The 600kW plug-in hybrid power and propulsion system allows the vessel to be efficient, quiet and emission-friendly without compromising on cruising range.

Alan Steber, Steber International General Manager said: “Winning the Marine Industry Innovation of the Year Award celebrates Ampcontrol, Steber International and The University of Newcastle’s exceptional contribution to revolutionising marine technology.” 

“We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation demonstrating how the energy transition can be achieved across all industries through collaboration. Making our mark in the marine industry with this award-winning project, displays the passion of Steber International to challenge the future,” added Mr Steber. 

Steber International, Ampcontrol and the University of Newcastle have collaborated successfully to create a solution that not only meets the demands of modern-day seafaring but also aligns with global efforts towards decarbonisation. 

“The future of electrifying marine vessels is vast and we’re incredibly proud of our marine plug-in hybrid power solution and its potential future applications,” said Dr Steve Mitchell, Ampcontrol Engineering Manager and panellist at the Australian Superyacht, Commercial Marine and Export Conference. 

“This award win recognises that we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in marine engineering and fuels our passion for further innovation,” added Dr Mitchell.   

The hybrid boat was at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May and will surely turn heads at the upcoming Sydney International Boat Show this August.

For more information  phone Alan on +61 408 436 628

PHOTO CAPTION: Alan Steber front and centre with Steber International’s two awards and fellow award winners.