I am writing to advise you that we have now brought our new rescue vessel PS31 into initial operational service. We expect to bring it into full operational service within the next few weeks when all of our crew have completed their conversion training.

I also want to express on behalf of all our members our sincere thanks for the service and assistance we received from you, Glenn Dunbier and all at Steber during the build process and afterwards. We were kept well informed of progress during the build and on the several occasions that our representatives visited your factory their questions were answered and any variations requested were addressed positively.

In particular, I want to say how much we appreciated your personal efforts in providing initial induction/handover training for our crew members both during the delivery voyage from Taree and after its arrival into Port Stephens. Without that we would not have been able to bring the vessel into operational service as quickly as proved possible. Thank you.

Our crew members have been undertaking regular and intensive conversion training on the vessel and they are very happy with its performance.

Thank you again for all the assistance you and your team at Steber gave us. We are very happy with the vessel which we are confident will serve us and the Port Stephens boating community very well for many years to come.

Colin Cahill,
Port Stephens Unit Commander,
Marine Rescue NSW