To Whom It May Concern

I am the present owner of the Aussie Princess, a Steber Model 4380. I purchased the vessel from the original owner, Mr Lindsay Grenfell in March, 2019. The vessel was launched in 2004 ( it is now 16 years old).

Following production, the vessel was taken to Melbourne where it went into service as a day charter vessel. It was subsequently leased to Hayman Island as service vessel and three years ago returned to South East Queensland to continue work as a day charter vessel.

When purchasing the vessel I undertook a very thorough inspection of all aspects of the vessel, paying particular attention to both the mechanical aspects and the hull condition/finish of the boat. For a vessel of 16 years age, the condition of both was sensational. The build quality was obvious, there was virtually no deterioration in either the finish visually or the hull itself.

The Aussie Princess is not my first Steber vessel. In 2001 I purchased a Steber 28 (28feet long) to use as a fishing charter vessel. I owned the vessel for 10 years and sold the vessel on to a company operating dive charters in Port Douglas.

I believe the vessel has since been sold on to a South Australian company doing fishing charters. When the vessel was sold by me it still looked as good as the day it was bought, both the finish and the hull were great.

In conclusion, Steber vessels have a reputation throughout the commercial community as being some of the best built and most seaworthy vessels of all the commercial fleet.

As well as fihsing charters, Steber boats are used for shark net maintenance, luxury charter, dive boat operation, spanner crabbing, coast guard rescue, police and the list goes on, where ever there is a commercial need there is usually a Steber vessel involved.

Bob Clayton, Aussie Princess Boat Charters