G’day Alan,

I caught the Channel 9 story about you and your business last week and it bought back fabulous memories of my association with our favourite customer!

I don’t expect you will remember the name John Ferris but I was running the Sydney office of RFD up until about 16 years ago. We went from being an Australian owned business making liferafts and other safety equipment here to becoming wholly owned by a UK parent company and required to import and sell the UK brand plus other imported gear.

It was a sad time for me and I will always regard it as the wrong decision for our company and Australia in general. Our Aussie made stuff was the best and just like Steber, we had earned and enjoyed an enviable reputation.

The name Chris Elford springs to mind. I don’t know if he is still with you but we had great dealings and he was one of our major buyers.

You might remember our George Steeden. He was our sales manager and he knew his subject having been in the industry all his life including making liferafts and other inflatables from the ground up on the factory floor. He visited Taree on his frequent sales trips whereas I think came up only about two or three times.

Anyway, enough rantings from an old guy who just wishes to congratulate you and your team on your success in a very competitive market.

The fact that you are all-Australian makes it even more noteworthy and deserving of the highest accolades.

Here’s to continued success! Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

John Ferris