This is to certify that I have known the Steber family for the past 31 years since they decentralised to my local area from Sydney.

The Steber family has been involved in the commercial craft industry in Australia for 25 years. They are the manufacturers of top quality products which are finished to world class standards.

The Steber company is a highly respected and valued organisation in our local area. The integrity of the family is such that not only are they highly respected locally, but Alan Steber is the past Chairman of the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) as well as a recipient of a Centenary Medal for outstanding services to the marine industry.

The Steber company has manufactured many government vessels such as police/patrol boats over the years and I understand that they are all operating to the satisfaction of the appropriate department.

The quality of the product speaks for itself and I have no hesitation attesting to the integrity of the company.

Mark Vaile